Special attention for this tour. This is the hardest and toughest tour we are offering. Both when it comes to the amount of KM’s ridden as well as the surfaces we ride on. Not for the faint hearted. The majority if this tour can be done with our Suzuki DL650 XTA’s and Honda CRF1000 A’s. For the two hardest off road tracks we use Honda CRF250’s.

After we pick you up from your accommodation and drive you to our workshop we gear up ourselves and the motorcycles. We head Westwards towards Racha. A mountainous region which is even undiscovered for Georgian standards. The local population is known for its relaxed attitude and the nature and amazingly curvy and quiet roads will give you exactly this chill out vibe. In addition, it is a great introduction into the wilder and lesser known parts of Georgia. We spent the night at Temuri’s amazing guesthouse. He builds all you see himself and is not afraid to talk about the bear and wolf skins that are up the wall and more importantly, how they got there. Our first Supra awaits, beautiful regional dishes, homemade wine and chacha and freshly smoked ham from the garden smoker.

Distance Covered: 300

Riding hours: 5.5

Average speed: 55 KM/H

Highest point: 1700 M

 Here our off-road adventure truly starts. From Oni we ride up to Svaneti. The pass we take is rarely used yet one of the most stunning off road tracks that Georgia has to offer. From Lentekhi onwards a 70 KM dirt road brings us up to Svaneti, rocky and definately not easy to ride. Later on during the day we ride up to Ushguli, the highest permanently inhabited village in Georgia. During the day we cross waterfalls, rivers and reach heights up to 2500 M. This is an adventure as adventure was meant. Tired yet satisfied we arrive in our home-stay. Away from more touristy villages like Mestia and Ushguli, we stay with the real Svan people. Out here the local language is Svan, not understandable for Georgians, this is a region on its own.

Distance Covered: 220

Riding hours: 6.5

Average speed: 35 KM/H

Highest point: 2600 M

Just like the night before we spent the night at the homestay in Mulakhi. Out here the men still work the land by hand. You will feel that this is as close to time travelling as you might get. It is like stepping in a different world roughly a 100 years back in time. More importantly it gives you a true insight in how life in the famous mountain region really is. We spent the day discovering the wider area. Since the history dates back for multiple millennia in Svaneti there are unused dirt tracks to almost all of the most amazing places overlooking the valleys with the Svan towers from the 10th-11th century. This makes the region so


unique. Not just that it harbors the highest mountains of Europe, but the fact that it is combined with the culture and a certain group of people that have been living under the rough mountains conditions for such a long time.  

Distance Covered: 50-150

Riding hours: 4

Average speed: 35 KM/H

Highest point: 2650 M

 We leave Svaneti using the ‘’main road’’ a beautiful tarmac road that offers the best road riding in the greater Caucasus. Riding along the villages with the historic towers and Mt. Ushba on the background you know you are riding in free Svaneti, a regions that still keeps it pagan traditions that date back from before Christianity. As we leave Svaneti we ride to Kutaisi, the capital of the Imereti region. Kutaisi is Georgia’s second biggest city. After the barbaric mountains it is time for some city life. We dine at Palaty, a beautiful ‘’bohemic’’ restaurant with the best local food. And stay at a nice hotel with a beautiful view over Georgia’s second biggest city.

Distance Covered: 220

Riding hours: 5

Average speed: 45 KM/H

Highest point: 2300 M

We skip the main highway to go back East. We take the backroads and visit off the beaten track villages on the way. Driving form West to East allows to see how quickly nature changes, the diversity in Georgian nature is what makes it that special. Ten climate zones in the small country, from Steppe areas to lush wine fields and 5000 meter high mountains cover Georgia’s territory. We spent the night in Tbilisi preparing for our last challenge, Tusheti..

*The Tusheti road is only open for a limited number of months. And is sometimes closed because of weather conditions. In case the road is closed we will re-route the tour towards Shatili. An even lesser know region that is only reachable by the 70 KM off road over some of the most spectacular mountain passes.

Distance Covered: 310

Riding hours: 5.5

Average speed: 65 KM/H

Highest point: 1000 M

The road to Tusheti is only open around 4/5 months a year, one road in and one road out. The rest of the year it is only to be reached by helicopter. The famous Abano pass is, covered in the world’s most dangerous roads, is a treasure of biodiversity and flora in the middle of the Caucasus mountains. Because of the harsh conditions the road is used by local shepherds herding their flock to lower lands when winter starts. We end up in a mountainous wonder land. Again the defense towers and the influences of the paganism that flourished here are visible. This track is as rewarding as it is full of possible risks. Doable for the experienced rider. But still, an experience of a lifetime.

Distance Covered: 120

Riding hours: 5.5

Average speed: 25 KM/H

Highest point: 2800 M

We spent the day discovering one of the most remote places you can find in the higher Caucasus. A ride to Dartlo, riding horses through those passes that are even not reachable by motorcycle and discover the old castles and ruins that the region is filled with.

Distance Covered: 0-100

Riding hours: –

Average speed: 25 KM/H

Highest point: 2200 M



We ride back to Tbilisi, crossing valleys meeting shepherds on horses herding their flocks it is a perfect reminder of the rough, unique and harsh mountain people we have met.  

Distance Covered: 190

Riding hours: 6

Average speed: 30 KM/H

Highest point: 2800 M

Prices are based on riding a Suzuki V Strom 650 XTA. Additional pricing for an upgrade to Honda CRF1000L Adventure Sports can be found on the bottom of the graph.

Prices are per person.

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