After you had the chance to explore the magical charm of Tbilisi we bring you to our workshop in the morning. After getting ready for our first day on the road in Georgia we will discover THE most famous wine region of Georgia. Endless wine fields combined with a steppe-like landscape. We pass the Tbilisi national park, a windy road that leads through the natural beauty will get you used to the motorcycle quickly, the fresh smell of the forest and the views over the higher Caucasus make it the perfect first ride. Through some lesser known backroads, we connect with the Gombori pass. We ride down through beautiful roads and touch base with the highest pass in the region. Later on we follow the wine fields and we end up in the historic fortified town of Sighnaghi. The best home grown foods, delicious wines and traditional meals are abundant and amazing. Our first ‘’Supra’’ is set with stunning sights over the endless plains with the eternal snowcapped Caucasian mountains behind them.

Distance Covered: 220 KM

Riding hours: 4.5

Average speed: 50 KM/H

Highest point: 1900 M

We leave the endless vineyards of Kakheti and move towards the balcony of Europe: The Caucaus Mountain range. More specifically: the Kazbegi region. The diversity of Georgia will reveal itself perfectly during this ride. From dessert like areas through long green fields with forests around them we end up in the main town of the Kazbegi region, Stepantsminda. The mountainous region with peaks up to 5000-meter-high has some of the best views to offer. The passes go up and down as they take you from corner to corner, heaven for any motorcycle enthusiast. Our accommodation offers a spectacular view over Mt. Kazbeg and the famous Gergeti Holy Trinity church, situated in the middle of the mountains. In the evening another mountain styled feast awaits us.

Distance Covered: 280 KM

Riding hours: 5

Average speed: 55 KM/H

Highest point: 2400 M

After a delicious breakfast there is time for some fun in this spectacular region. A ride up to the Gergeti church and/or some off road tracks to small and remote mountains villages. After the morning fun we move southwards with a circling move. From Stepantsminda we ride back over the famous Georgian Military Highway. We take the small bypass connecting the old capital of Georgia called Mtskheta with Gori. The latter is a city which was drenched in a thick Soviet sauce. Nothing mentionable happens in Gori were it not for the fact that one of the most infamous Georgian was born here: Joseph Stalin. For those interested we will pay a visit to the museum that gives an unusual account of his life as the leader of the Soviet Union. Gori has also been the theatre for another historical event, the Russian invasion of 2008. At request our hosts will give an intriguing yet interesting account of that. We stay in a lovely hotel run by a most lovely local young family, whom happen to make some amazing home-made wine.

Distance Covered: 195 KM + morning rides as mentioned above

Riding hours: 3.5 – 5.5

Average speed: 55 KM/H

Highest point: 2400 M

Racha! A mystical region that has been undiscovered by foreign tourists. Often it is compared to Switzerland cause of its serene calmness and the impressive mountains surrounding the area. You’ll notice the differences with the mountains in Kazbegi, both have their unique shape and look. The roads in Racha are a dream of any motorcycle enthusiast, full of curves, lots of mountain passes and with very little traffic. These beautiful windy roads get us op to Oni, a calm mountain village. Here we stay for the night at Temur’s guesthouse. He builds and makes almost everything you see at his guesthouse himself. The Georgian charm is amazing. And to give you some of the vibes of the mountains it is topped off with some skinned bear and wolf skins that decorate the beautiful house. His wife will prepare the most delicious specialties from Racha for us. Their son Nika takes you around the house, where they make virtually everything from their own land. Eat freshly smoked ham, distil you own chacha and bake your own bread in a Georgian ‘’tone’’.

Distance Covered: 230 KM

Riding hours: 3.5 – 5.5

Average speed: 60 KM/H

Highest point: 1600 M

In the morning we can discover the undiscovered region around Oni. For those interested we make a ride towards Ghebi. Ghebi is the highest village in the area. There is only one yet stunning gravel road that takes you into the remote village. Afterwards we explore Western Racha. The passes before the village of Tsageri live up to the best passes in the Alps. The curvy roads through Racha are a Valhalla for any motorcyclist. The relaxed vibe and empty roads make it a perfect place for motorcycle riding. The empty curvy roads continue as we enter the region of Imereti. Leaving Racha we have to opportunity to visit the famous Promotheus caves, the biggest cave complex of Europa, an immensely old complex with astonishing sights. From Prometheus we end up in Kutaisi, Georgia’s second biggest city. Kutaisi is one of the oldest cities of Georgia, lots of history and a cool vibe are apparent. We dine in the best restaurant of town, which is decorated as if you were in a bohemic French restaurant.


Distance Covered: 150 KM + morning rides as mentioned above

Riding hours: 3 – 4.5

Average speed: 50 KM/H

Highest point: 1800 M

From Kutaisi we move southwards towards Vardzia. Again a totally different region with natural sights that will amaze you. Nevertheless, the are incomparable to any of the sights we already encountered. We have two options today, to take a 35 KM-long off-road pass from Sairme to Abastumani with stunning views over the biggest national park of Europe. Or the take paved roads via Borjomi. In both cases we end up in Samtskhe-Javakheti. The region is not only famous for its beautiful nature but also because of the numerous immense cultural and historical treasures that it houses. It can truly be soon as the cultural birthplace of Georgia. One of the most special ones being the secret monastery build in the 12th century into the rocks of which the front collapsed during an earthquake. The roads here are twisting around rivers, cliffs and castles. The region had a history of mixed ethnicities and religions co-existing peacefully, and this still remains. We spent the night 5 minutes away from the cave city, where all the food is grown at the facility. Even the freshly barbequed fish is from the river that flows through the yard of the hotel


Distance Covered: 250 KM (asphalt) / 165 KM (with 35 KM offroad)

Riding hours: 5 /  5

Average speed: 50 / 35 KM/H

Highest point: 2000 /  700 M

Today we take the small road connecting Georgia’s east and west. Going through the hills and mountains of the south. With surroundings changing from quickly, every 20 kilometers the nature is changing. With beautiful scenery and roads with many curves a great way to end the trip. Quiet roads, little traffic leading us through an area with almost no tourism. Sadly, this is much of a forgotten region on tourist’s radar.  Coming from the mountains behind Tbilisi we enter the city with some great viewpoints and the sun falling down over the city.


Distance Covered: 240 KM

Riding hours: 4.5

Average speed: 55 KM/H

Highest point: 1100 M

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