On the morning of departure we have the motorcycles and all other necessities ready at your accommodation. Today we will discover our first of many astonishing roads to come. The first region to discover is Racha. The curvy roads through this are a Valhalla for any motorcycle enthusiast. The relaxed vibe and empty roads make it a perfect place for motorcycle riding. High quality windy tarmac will take us across the most beautiful views these mountains have to offer. We take a detour taking us through valleys, gorges and high situated viewpoints. Afterwards we curv back into Imereti. From here we cross into Samegrelo. A distinct region, with its own traditions, customs and language. Another well-known point is the delicious cuisine this region has to offer. We will witness that ourselves very soon.

Distance Covered: 223 KM

Riding hours: 4.5

Average speed: 50 KM/H

Highest point: 1600 M

We take the smaller inner roads of Samegrelo to get to one of the most spectacular roads in the whole Caucasus. A newly made road in another region that has been culturally separated from Georgia for very long. Even the Soviets could never fully exert their influence because if its remoteness. This is why ‘’Svaneti’’ still feels like a different world. Also, its why they were able to keep their customs and pagan traditions intact throughout time. On the road, old watchtowers will pop-up. Svan families own these towers and in the old days they were used as defense towers as well as to settle disputes. It’s Svaneti is a truly magical place, the distinct cultural and historical differences make the region fascinating. One of the Georgian customs the Svans also hold dearly is the love for food. We spent the night at a local family and try to catch some of the regions spirit.


Distance Covered: 190 KM

Riding hours: 4

Average speed: 50 KM/H

Highest point: 2200 M


From the high mountains of Svaneti we ride into the low lands. Natura changes quickly into a moister and subtropical climate. We are getting close to the Black Sea. From Poti, we follow the coast line until we reach Batumi. The biggest and most booming Seaside town that Georgia has. Take a refreshing dive into the Black Sea. And walk on the Boulevard of this ‘’one of a kind’’ Georgian town.

Distance Covered: 270 KM

Riding hours: 5

Average speed: 55 KM/H

Highest point: 2200 M

: It is time to discover the higher Adjarian mountains. With a small gravel road, we follow the sea as it moves inwards. Later on we enter the Lower Caucasus mountains. The views are absolutely stunning and the road itself is empty. The green lush almost Jungle like nature compared to the higher lands around Khulo make it a very special riding day. The area is unknown and not regularly visited by tourists. Afterwards we will realize what a big shame this really is. Afterwards we enter Samtskhe-Javakheti. The region is not only famous for its beautiful nature but also because of the numerous immense cultural and historical treasures that it houses. It can truly be soon as the cultural birthplace of Georgia. One of the most special ones being the secret monastery build in the 12th century into the rocks of which the front collapsed during an earthquake. The roads here are twisting around rivers, cliffs and castles.

Distance Covered: 164 KM

Riding hours: 5

Average speed: 30 KM/H

Highest point: 2100 M

Today we take the small road connecting Georgia’s east and west. Going through the hills and mountains of the south. With surroundings changing from quickly, every 20 kilometers the nature is changing. With beautiful scenery and roads with many curves a great way to end the trip. Quiet roads, little traffic leading us through an area with almost no tourism. Sadly, this is much of a forgotten region on tourist’s radar.  Coming from the mountains behind Tbilisi we enter the city with some great viewpoints and the sun falling down over the city.

Distance Covered: 253 KM

Riding hours: 5

Average speed: 50 KM/H

Highest point: 1100 M

Prices are based on riding a Suzuki V Strom 650 XTA. Additional pricing for an upgrade to Honda CRF1000L Adventure Sports can be found on the bottom of the graph.

Prices are per person.

Group size 1 Day trips 6 Day Luxury 7 Day Mototravel Adventure 8 Day Off-road Adventure 9 Day Mototravel Adventure 12 Day Mototravel Adventure Kutaisi Tour
3 & 4 €275 €2,725 €1,711 €2,382 €2,168 €2,803 €1,375
5 & 6 €240 €2,585 €1,555 €2,382 €2,055 €2,587 €1,375
7 & 8 €230 €2,499 €1,505 €2,290 €1,942 €2,479 €1,325
9 & 10 €200 €2,399 €1,470 €2,290 €1,891 €2,397 €1285
10 & more €200 €2,399 €1,425 €2,220 €1,891 €2,350 €1285
Upgrade to Honda CRF1000A 40 240 280 300 360 480 240