We soon leave Kutaisi behind us and discover Racha. The curvy roads of this green and mountainous region are a Valhalla to ride through. The region can definitely be considered one less travelled. In our opinion mistakenly so, it has so much to offer. The tarmac will take us across the most beautiful viewpoints the mountainous region has to offer. A detour takes us through valleys, gorges and up on awe inspiring mountain landscapes. We ride back into Imereti after which we soon reach our destination: Samegrelo: A distinct region, with its own traditions, customs and language. In addition, the region is known for its exceptional cuisine.

Distance Covered: 223 KM

Riding hours: 4.5

Average speed: 50 KM/H

Highest point: 1600 M

Today we start off with stirring up some dust on the gravel trails of higher Samegrelo. From higher Samegrelo we ride towards Georgia’s uppermost North. A mystical region over which even the Soviets could never fully exert its influence: Sveneti. Svaneti feels as a country on itself. With its own customs, tradition and paganism still alive.

One characteristic of the regions cultural distinctness is very visible from the road: The traditional Svan watchtowers. These rock piles built from the 10th – 12th were used as defense towers but also to settle local disputes well into the 1990’s

Distance Covered: 190 KM

Riding hours: 4

Average speed: 50 KM/H

Highest point: 2200 M

From the high mountains of Svaneti we ride into the low lands of the historic Colchis empire. Closer and closer to the Black sea the air around rider and motorcycle quickly becomes moister in the subtropical climate… From Poti we follow the palm tree filled coast line until we reach Batumi. A beach resort with both history and a staunch dream to resemble the European Riviera. Take a refreshing dive into the Black Sea and stroll on the famous Boulevard of this ‘’one of a kind’’ Georgian town.

Distance Covered: 270 KM

Riding hours: 5

Average speed: 55 KM/H

Highest point: 2200 M

From today we leave the Higher Caucasus mountain range behind us for good. It is time to triumph the Lesser Caucasus mountain range. Don’t let the name fool you. The alpine zones and its proximity to the Sea make for an astonishing mix.  The green lush almost Jungle like nature from the lower lands quickly makes way for the higher lands and alpine zone around Khulo. From Ajara we enter Samtskhe-Javakheti. The region is not only famous for its cliffs and natural beauty, it is famed for its numerous cultural and historical treasures as well. The region can be seen as the cultural birthplace of current day Georgia.

One of these cultural sights is the Vardzia cave complex. A monastery that was secretly build in the 12th century behind a rock that offered protection from invaders. After an earthquake the rock and thereby the complex’s cover tumbled down.

Distance Covered: 164 KM

Riding hours: 5

Average speed: 30 KM/H

Highest point: 2100 M

Today we take a secondary road connecting Georgia’s East and West. This current day road follows the historical Silk Road. It smoothly flows through the hills and mountains of the south. Surroundings change quickly, every 20 kilometers it seems as if you are on another continent. With astonishing surrounding and the many curves, it is a great way to end the trip. Coming from the mountains behind Tbilisi we enter the city with some great viewpoints and the sun falling down over the city.

It is also possible to finish this day/trip in Kutaisi

Distance Covered: 253 KM

Riding hours: 5

Average speed: 50 KM/H

Highest point: 1100 M

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