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General Questions

Yes, you can. Howevert there are some special requirements. We will ask a higher deposit (€1000,-) and a power of attorney is needed for crossing the boarder. At the time of writing, it is not possible to visit both countries in one go. Contact us if you have any wishes in regards to this.

Camping is legal everywhere! So you can park wherever (within reason), and set up camp. Be sure to leave the place neatly though (a). We can provide you with (extra) tents and sleeping gear. Feel free to contact us about the availability. 

Yes, always fully (also third party liability). We do ask a cash deposit of €500,- for the vehicles.


Well of course! The motorcycles have 2 usb slots. The cars have usb slots, a 220V charging plug, and an additional mobile charging unit that has both!

We can offer you helmets, jackets and gloves (no extra costs and on a first come first serve basis). Nevertheless, we recommend our clients to bring their own gear. Since, as you will know, they have a quite specific fit. Contact us if you have specific requests about this.

Yes all bikes come with sidecases, free of charge. You can however choose to leave them off and use straps we can provide instead, since the cases will make the bike more bulky.