September 3, 2023 Mototravel Tbilisi Mototravel Tbilisi

We entrusted our 6-day Georgian expedition to the seasoned experts at Mototravel Tbilisi, a group of 7 bikers and 4 passengers bound by a shared thrill of the open road. The experience surpassed our expectations, as their team flawlessly executed every detail, starting with a warm welcome at the airport, to supplying us with top-of-the-range motorcycles. Their graciousness and attentiveness were second to none, ensuring we felt truly welcomed and cared for. Throughout the tour, they were our guides and custodians, thoughtfully curating a selection of top-notch hotels and authentic guesthouses. These accommodations offered a balanced blend of traditional Georgian culture and lavish comfort, an immersion into the local ways while not compromising on luxury. One highlight was the exemplary culinary journey we embarked upon. Each dish was a sensory delight, the flavors still dance on my tongue as I recall the meals and the richness of homemade Georgian wine. The road captain, an embodiment of kindness and flexibility, skillfully navigated us through the scenic routes. Our journey was peppered with on-road and off-road adventures, each turn revealing another picturesque vista. The trip was made even more memorable by the trove of video memories we collected along the way. Following each exhilarating day of riding, we came together in camaraderie, our shared laughter and dance under the night sky echoing the day’s joy. Choosing to venture with Mototravel Tbilisi proved to be the best decision we made this summer. I wholeheartedly recommend them to any fellow adventurers in search of an unforgettable journey. A heartfelt thank you to Willem and Demetre for making this experience truly exceptional.

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