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Day 1 of Motorcycle Touring

Join us on an unforgettable 12-day motorcycle touring as we begin our journey with two exhilarating options to reach the stunning region of Kakheti.

Our first route takes us through the brutalist town of Rustavi, situated in Georgia’s semi-desert. After traversing some challenging dirt trails, we make a stop at the majestic Davit Gareji Monastery – an impressive rock-hewn complex still housing monks to this day.

For an exciting warm-up, we suggest riding along the winding tarmac roads of Sabaduri forest towards hilly Tianeti. This area is ideal for getting acquainted with your new motorcycle’s weight distribution and handling characteristics – making it a great warm-up!

As we progress along our journey, we are rewarded with stunning views of rolling hills and Mediterranean scenery around the picturesque fortified town of Sighnaghi in Southern Kakheti. This newly renovated town provides panoramic views of the Northern Caucasus slopes as we embark on this incredible adventure.

After an exciting day, we return home and savor the best home-grown foods, fine wines, and traditional Georgian meals. As we savor this delectable spread while taking in stunning views of endless plains with snow-capped peaks of the Caucasian mountains in the distance – this is only the start of an incredible journey that promises excitement, exploration, and stunning vistas.

  1. Distance Covered: 220 KM
  2. Riding hours: 4.5
  3. Average speed: 50 KM/H
  4. Highest point: 1700 M

Day 2 of Motorcycle Touring

After a thrilling first day on our 12-day motorcycle touring, we set our sights on yet another adventure-packed day. Our journey continues as we leave Tbilisi and head straight up North, towards the magnificent Kazbegi, nestled amidst the towering Higher Caucasus mountain range.

As we wind our way through the picturesque Sabaduri forest, we take in the stunning scenery and marvel at the raw beauty of nature. The roads here are perfect for honing your riding skills and getting accustomed to your motorcycle’s handling.

The twisty roads take us on a scenic ride around the snowcapped mountains, across high passes, and through verdant valleys. It’s a ride that feels nothing less than heavenly, as we soak in the breathtaking landscapes around us.

Our next stop is the iconic Gergeti Holy Trinity Church, perched on a steep serpentine ascent amidst the mighty mountains, including the towering Mt. Kazbeg. This 14th-century marvel is a sight to behold, and we take the time to explore and marvel at the intricate architecture and stunning views from the church’s vantage point.

Before we head to our accommodation for the day, we have the option to explore some thrilling dirt tracks that lead us through abandoned villages and ancient fortresses. It’s an opportunity to put our motorcycles to the test and experience the raw, untamed beauty of the region up close.

As we conclude day two of our motorcycle touring, we are filled with excitement as we anticipate all the breathtaking sights, thrilling experiences and unforgettable memories that lie ahead for us on the remainder of our journey.

  1. Distance Covered: 280 KM
  2. Riding hours: 5
  3. Average speed: 55 KM/H
  4. Highest point: 2500 M

Day 3 of Motorcycle Touring

Day three of our motorcycle touring takes you through the breathtaking Caucasus Mountains for some thrilling riding through breathtaking landscapes. To fuel up for a day filled with adventures, we offer optional gravel rides in the morning – perfect for thrill-seekers seeking extra stimulation!

Heading southward, we retrace our steps along the legendary Georgian Military Highway – a route that has captured travelers’ hearts for generations. En route to Gori, we take a secondary road connecting Mtskheta with Gori that was built during Soviet rule. Despite its Soviet-era architecture, Gori holds an important place in Georgian history as birthplace to one of history’s most infamous figures: Joseph Stalin.

For those interested in delving deeper into Stalin’s life, we visit the museum bearing his name. Here, we gain an insightful account of his remarkable life and role as leader of the Soviet Union. As our day comes to a close, we dine at a local restaurant and sample some of Georgian cuisine’s delectable treats.

  1. Distance covered: 250 KM + KM’s from morning trips.
  2. Riding hours: 3.5 – 5.5
  3. Average speed: 55 KM/H
  4. Highest point: 2400 M

Motorcycle Touring Georgia

Day 4 of Motorcycle Touring

Day four of our 12-day motorcycle touring is going to be a memorable one as we head to the mystical region of Racha, often overlooked by foreign tourists. With its serene calmness, abundant lakes and the impressive mountains surrounding the area, Racha has been compared to Switzerland.

Our accommodation for the night is at Temuri’s guesthouse, a true craftsman who builds and makes almost everything you see at his guesthouse himself, including the impressive skinned bear and wolf skins. As we arrive, the smells of delicious specialties from Racha fill the air, freshly smoked local ham, chacha being distilled, and bread baked in the stone oven.

In the gorgeous garden, we’re treated to live traditional Georgian music, a perfect accompaniment to our delightful meal. This is Georgian hospitality at its best, and we’re grateful to experience it firsthand.

  1. Distance Covered: 200 KM
  2. Riding hours: 4
  3. Average speed: 50 KM/H
  4. Highest point: 1600 M

Motorcycle Touring Georgia

Day 5 of Motorcycle Touring

Today, our journey takes us back to the captivating region of Racha. Here, we continue to savor the tranquility and unspoilt Georgian landscape. Our home for the night will be Temuri’s guesthouse, where he handcrafts everything – even down to the fascinating bear and wolf skins adorning the walls!

As we explore Racha’s hidden gems, such as stunning mountain lakes, cascading waterfalls and breathtaking viewpoints that offer a view of Racha’s natural splendor. But one of the most captivating sights is Soviet-Styled Geysers that dot the landscape – an intriguing remnant from decades past that promises to make for an unforgettable journey.

As the sun sets over this idyllic region, we’ll be treated to more of Temuri’s wife’s delectable creations from Racha – locally smoked ham, freshly distilled chacha and bread baked in a stone oven – enjoyed in the beautiful garden of the guesthouse. If we’re lucky, we may even get lucky enough to hear live Georgian music bringing an even warmer and welcoming atmosphere for this Georgian hospitality at its finest.

  1. Distance Covered: 50-150 KM
  2. Riding hours: 1 – 5
  3. Average speed: 30 KM/H
  4. Highest point: Optional 1900 M

Motorcycle Touring Georgia

Day 6 of Motorcycle Touring

Get ready for another thrilling day on your motorcycle touring! Today we’ll explore the western part of Racha, an area known as a haven for motorcyclists. Our route takes us through lush green mountains and breathtaking gorges with stunning views of the greater Caucasus at every turn.

As we make our way south, we’ll pass through Tsqaltubo, a city known for its abandoned Soviet sanatoriums. But don’t worry; once there, we’ll quickly leave any creepiness behind by visiting Prometheus caves – Europe’s largest cave complex!

On our way to Samegrelo, a culturally distinct region of Georgia known for its mouthwatering cuisine and unique language. We’ll spend the night in Martvili, where you can take a refreshing dip in freshwater springs or beneath cascading waterfalls on hot summer days. Get ready for another day full of unforgettable experiences on this epic motorcycle touring!

  1. Distance Covered: 205 KM
  2. Riding hours: 4.5
  3. Average speed: 45 KM/H
  4. Highest point: 1800 M

Motorcycle Touring Georgia

Day 7 of Motorcycle Touring

As we near the Black Sea on the motorcycle touring, lush jungles envelop us in their beauty. Riding along Guria’s winding roads, we are welcomed by an unforgettable landscape that leads us to Ajara – a region rich in history and natural splendor.

Here in Ajara, the past and present collide as Orthodox and Islamic Georgians live side by side peacefully. We venture off the beaten path to discover Petra Fortress – an ancient Roman settlement that marked the empire’s easternmost point.

As we near Ajara’s capital, Batumi, the sparkling Black Sea calls us to take a refreshing dip. Depending on our group’s preference, we can choose to spend the night either in lively beach town of Batumi or one of its charming mountain villages nearby.

  1. Distance Covered: 225 KM
  2. Riding hours: 4
  3. Average speed: 45 KM/H
  4. Highest point: 1800 M

Motorcycle Touring Georgia

Day 8 of Motorcycle Touring

As we leave behind the scenic Black Sea shoreline, we embark on an exhilarating journey north towards Svaneti. Beloved for its vibrant heritage and fierce independence, on the motorcycle touring you will found out that this region has long been a haven for those seeking an alternative lifestyle. Even the powerful Soviet Union could not fully influence it here; thus, Svaneti has managed to retain its unique identity to this day. Its rugged landscape and uncompromising spirit of its people have ensured that local customs and pagan traditions remain unspoiled.

As we traverse the mountains of Svaneti, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the ancient Svan watchtowers that dot the landscape. These impressive structures were constructed between 10th and 12th centuries as both defensive fortifications and centers of local governance; they continued settling disputes in this region well into the 1990s. It stands as a testament to Svaneti’s people and their fierce determination to preserve their way of life.

  1. Distance Covered: 250 KM
  2. Riding hours: 5
  3. Average speed: 50 KM/H
  4. Highest point: 2000 M

Motorcycle touring Georgia

Day 9 of Motorcycle Touring

As we awake to the breathtaking mountain views of Svaneti, it becomes apparent that one day is not enough time to discover all its hidden treasures. Therefore, we decide to extend our stay and dedicate another day to discovering this captivating region.

On day 9 of the motorcycle touring we traverse roads that seem to reach the sky, leading us up some of Europe’s highest peaks. As we ride by, it is impossible not to stop and take in the breathtaking views of the majestic Caucasus Mountains that surround us.

Svaneti region is home to some of the region’s most impressive medieval watchtowers, which have stood the test of time and serve as reminders of its long and rich history. We can climb one of these iconic structures and take in stunning views that extend for miles around.

We cannot leave Svaneti without exploring Ushguli, Europe’s highest permanently inhabited village. As we bike through its winding streets, we’re amazed by the locals’ unique way of life and stunning architecture that has endured centuries of harsh weather and natural disasters. It’s no wonder Svaneti is considered a treasure by Georgia – we feel incredibly lucky to have explored it on our trusty motorcycles!

  1. Distance Covered: 0-150 KM
  2. Riding hours: 0 – 3
  3. Average speed: 30 KM/H
  4. Highest point: 2700 M

Motorcycle Touring Georgia

Day 10 of Motorcycle Touring

As we leave behind the majestic peaks of Svaneti, we descend into the lush lowlands of Colchis empire. We take a winding route through scenic backroads in higher Samegrelo before continuing south toward Kutaisi – Georgia’s second largest city – where we enjoy some local culinary treats at Palaty Restaurant, an elegant bohemian-style eatery.

After exploring Svaneti’s rugged and wild landscapes, Kutaisi’s charming small-town atmosphere offers a welcome change of pace. As we stroll through its charming streets, admiring its unique architecture and taking in its laid-back atmosphere, we settle in for the night eagerly anticipating all of our adventures on our final leg of motorcycle touring – which begins tomorrow morning!

  1. Distance Covered: 250 KM
  2. Riding hours: 5
  3. Average speed: 50 KM/H
  4. Highest point: 2400 M

Motorcycle Touring Georgia

Day 11 of Motorcycle Touring

As we set off from Kutaisi towards Vardzia, we were brimming with excitement to discover yet another region of Georgia that would leave us in awe. The landscape was so strikingly different from what we had seen before that it felt like we had travelled to a completely different continent.

We had two options for today’s motorcycle touring – either take the 35-kilometer off-road pass from Sairme to Abastumani with breathtaking views over the biggest national park in Europe, or opt for the smoother paved roads via Borjomi. Whichever route we chose, we knew we were in for a treat as we entered the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, known not only for its natural beauty but also for its cultural and historical significance.

This region is considered the cultural birthplace of modern-day Georgia, and one of its most renowned cultural sights is the Vardzia cave complex. This 12th-century monastery was secretly built behind a rock to protect it from invaders, and it still stands today as a testament to the region’s rich history.

As we explored this remarkable complex, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of wonder and awe at the incredible feat of engineering that it represented. Unfortunately, an earthquake caused the rock to crumble, exposing the complex to the elements, but the ruins still exude an air of mystery and intrigue that captivated us.

It’s hard to believe that in just one day we were able to witness such stunning natural beauty and delve into the cultural treasures of Samtskhe-Javakheti. As we retired to our lodgings for the night, we were left with a sense of profound gratitude for the opportunity to experience the wonders of Georgia on our trusty motorcycles.

  1. Distance Covered: 250 KM (asphalt) / 165 KM (with 35 KM offroad)
  2. Riding hours: 5 / 5
  3. Average speed: 50 / 35 KM/H
  4. Highest point: 2000 / 700 M

Motorcycle Touring Georgia

Day 12 of Motorcycle Touring

On day 12 of our journey, we set out on motorcycles for an epic journey through Georgia’s East and West regions, winding through hills and mountains in the south. This path was once part of the legendary Silk Road, traversing these lands as merchants and travelers passed by. Every 20 kilometers we pass through breathtaking landscapes that leave us in awe as if we’ve been transported to another country altogether. With each bend we take, we discover new breathtaking vistas as we ride towards Tbilisi – the end of our motorcycle touring destination!

As we approach the city, the Didgori Battle Memorial stands as a stunning piece of architecture set amidst natural splendor with newly-laid tarmac that invites motorcycle riding. This memorial commemorates the Georgian-Seljuk wars, where Georgia was outnumbered but still emerged victorious, ushering in one of its most prosperous eras.

As we make our way into Tbilisi from the mountains, the sun begins to set, casting a warm golden glow over the city and providing us with an unforgettable panorama of Tbilisi.

  1. Distance Covered: 240 KM
  2. Riding hours: 4.5
  3. Average speed: 55 KM/H
  4. Highest point: 1100 M

Motorcycle touring Georgia

Reflections of an Epic 12-Day Motorcycle Touring Through Georgia

Over the course of 12 days of motorcycle touring, we’ve traversed Georgia’s breathtaking landscapes – a country with an exciting history and stunning natural beauty. We’ve explored regions with distinct climates and topographies, traveled along winding roads that seemed to lead us somewhere else entirely, and visited cultural and historical sites that left us in awe. From Svaneti’s high peaks to the lowlands of Colchis empire’s empire, from Vardzia cave complex to Didgori Battle Memorial – we’ve witnessed Georgia’s diverse aspects this country has to offer:

  1. Rode through the stunning mountainous views of Svaneti and explored the captivating region.
  2. Visited Ushguli, the highest permanently inhabited village in all of Europe, and experienced the distinct way of life and unique architecture.
  3. Explored the low lands of the historic Colchis empire and dined at Palaty, a beautiful ‘’bohemic’’ restaurant with the best local food.
  4. Rode towards Vardzia and experienced the natural beauty and cultural treasures of the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, including the Vardzia cave complex.
  5. Took the historic Silk Road connecting Georgia’s East and West, and enjoyed the beautiful scenes and many curves while heading towards Tbilisi.
  6. Crossed the natural beauty of the road towards the Didgori Battle Memorial, built in remembrance of the Georgian-Seljuk wars, and witnessed great viewpoints while entering the city.

On our journey, we’ve enjoyed local cuisine, met friendly locals, and appreciated each place’s distinct charm. Riding motorcycles through these regions has been a highlight of the trip; and the memories we’ve created will last us a lifetime on a motorcycle tour Georgia.

As we conclude this journey, we leave with an immense appreciation for Georgia’s stunning natural beauty and diversity, as well as its people’s warmth and hospitality. It has been an unforgettable journey and we can’t wait to return and discover even more of what this remarkable country has to offer us.

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