Guided Tours

Travel through this beautiful country by motorcycle over the winding roads crossing mountains, desserts, and the shores of the Black Sea. Be amazed by the stunning sights to see and experience the sincere Georgian hospitality
Our tours include everything, meaning we provide the motorcycles, unlimited food & drinks, fuel, cab fares and your stay hotels/guesthouses. The only thing excluded are the airplane tickets (for airline advice click here).
Please contact us for our special 6-DAY LUXURY TOUR. Stay in the finest luxury hotels along the route.

PDFs With Tour Descriptions

6 Day Luxury Tour

7 Day Adventure & Off-road tour

7 Day Tour

9 Day Tour

12 Day Tour

Pricelist (per person)

Persons 6 Day Luxury Tour 7 Day Adventure & Off-road tour: Experienced riders Only 7 Day Tour 9 Day Tour 12 Day Tour
3 €2,620 €1,980 €1,606 €2,083 €2,623
4 €2,550 €1,870 €1,502 €1,920 €2,407
5 €2,480 €1,813 €1,450 €1,807 €2,299
6 €2,480 €1,813 €1,450 €1,807 €2,299
7 €2,294 €1,712 €1,365 €1,716 €2,217
8 €2,294 €1,712 €1,365 €1,716 €2,217

Tour Schedule

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About the Motorcycles

The motorcycle we offer is a BMW F650 GS. All our bikes have suitcases mounted on them for your luggage/convenience. We charge €85 per day per motorcycle. This includes: helmet (even though for your own comfort we recommend to bring your own), gloves, motorcycle insurance (including damages given to third parties) and if needed we will ride with you and navigate you out of Tbilisi. The deposit for renting a motorcycle is €300. If you are low on time ask us for the possibility to drop the motorcycle(s) at your accomodation for €25. Our motorcycle insurance covers almost all damages. However, our insurance only covers the motorcycles, we strongly recommend all our clients to make sure that they are properly insured in the event of any accident. We hereby deny any responsibility thereof. Please note that it is not allowed under any circumstances to ride into or within the illegal breakaway regions of South-Ossetia and Abkhazia with our motorcycles.


The BMW F650 GS is a comfortable bike suitable for almost every rider. Different than most bikes, the fuel tank is located underneath the rider seat. The causes the centre of gravity of the BMW F650 GS to be low, making it a well-balanced bike. This balance, together with the good suspension and the excellent torque, makes this motorcycle the perfect bike to glide through the long and winding roads of Georgia.

Flight Advice

The beauty of both Georgia’s nature and culture have both been heavily influenced by its geographic. It is what makes the country so unique but also what can make the hidden gem tricky to fly to. Here are some useful tips for making an efficient and not too costly trip to Georgia.

Most airliners only fly to Tbilisi from regional hubs such as Istanbul and Kiev. Many times you will have to transfer at one of those airports (especially when travelling from the EU). Since waiting times can be long it is definitely worth checking out Wizzair, which does direct flights to Kutaisi airport. Often the 10 Lari ride from Kutaisi to Tbilisi is way shorter than the transfer time at the an international airport. The locations from which Wizzair flies to Tbilisi are quite numerous and expanding all the time (mostly moving westwards) so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Rental: Please ask us at any time for recommendations on the best roads/tracks throughout the country.

All bikes are fully insured. However, we are not responsible for your personal health care and insurance thereof. We advise all our guests to take travel insurance or to expand their regular insurance so that it covers Georgia as well.