Info & Impressions

Motorcycle gear: We recommend to bring a full motorcycles outfit. Georgia knows many different climates in which temperatures can vary a lot. At our garage we have helmets, motorcycle jackets and gloves ready that can be taken on a first come first serve basis.

24/7 service: You can pick up the rented motorcycle at any time of your liking. Share your preference with us and we will be sure to be ready and waiting for you.

Pre-Payments: For rental reservations we require a pre-payment of 10%, for guided it is 20% of the total due. As soon the amount is transferred, the motorcycle(s) are officially booked. Pre-payments can be done by regular bank transfers (EU and Georgian bank accounts available) or through PayPal.

Payments: Payments can be done at our garage, either with cash or with credit card. There is a 2% commission for credit card payments, this is the commission we pay to our bank for credit card transfers.

Luggage: All our motorcycles are equipped with cases. Also we have strap down ropes and elastics at the garage to lend, also on a first come first serve basis. USB chargers. All motorcycles are equipped with USB chargers to plug in your navigation device. Storage. Feel free to leave any belongings (suitcases etc.) at our garage for the time you are on the road.

Route-planning: We are very happy to help you with planning a nice route, we know the best and most quiet roads in the country that are perfect for riding. Keep in mind that Google Maps and similar services can be a bit deceiving, some roads that look fine can turn out to be very though.

Minimum age: Riders must be at least 21 years of age due to our insurance policy. In addition, riders must have been in the possession of their motorcycle driving license for at least three years.