Who Are We

We are Willem van Houten, Evert Brolsma & Nika Pinturia: Three motorcycle enthusiasts who cannot get enough from touring around one of the most beautiful and diverse motorcycle paradises around. Georgia by motorbike is simply amazing. Willem & Evert hail from the Netherlands. They both grew up in the North of the Netherlands and have been friends ever since they went to the same high-school in Leeuwarden. Willem first went to Georgia for an internship at the Dutch embassy in Tbilisi. Afterwards we met up in Tbilisi, Georgia and from there we rode back to the Netherlands by motorcycle. The country that made the deepest impact on this extensive trip through Europe was Georgia, and that’s how the idea for Mototravel Tbilisi was born.

Willem is a Dutch guy who’s becoming more and more Georgian by the day. He’s been living in Tbilisi since 2014, speaks the language well, and knows about all the hidden gems. Working in the past at the Dutch embassy (don’t mention this too often if you want to keep him in a good mood), at various bars/restaurants, some part-time acting (check the video down below). The last couple of years Willem has been the main tour guide for Mototravel Tbilisi.

Then there’s Evert, a fellow Dutch guy who is actually as stupid as he looks (some say). Since 2015 he has been going front and back to the country, but he was too chicken to actually go out and burn his bridges. In 2018 he finally grew a pair and did it: he gave up his job in the Netherlands to make it in the promised land. The most recent addition to the team excels in telling random-ass stories that are guaranteed to at least make you giggle from time to time. He knows his shit, to some extent.

Nika Pinturia has become our trusted companion and more importantly, our friend. He has two lazy looking eyes, but don’t let this deceive you, he is fast as a hawk when needed. Nika has been touring around Georgia with guests from all over the world for over a decade. He knows places and roads no one else knows, and not seldomly these hidden gems come with a story.

Mototravel’s developments: As time went by things got more serious, to the point we started a crowdfunding-campaign (2016/2017) to take the company to the next level by buying 10 BMW F 650 GS (learn more about the bike). In the winter of 2018 we managed to find a new investor and buy 4 brand new Honda CFR1000L Africa Twin's and 5 Suzuki V-strom 650. A big step forward, these motorcycles will come to us straight from the factory with 0 wear and 0 kilometers.


Your Tour-guide:

Willem van Houten

Due to various jobs (a quite notable one as an actor in a beer commercial) he got to know the country, the people and even the language quite well. This is what makes him the perfect tour guide. He knows all the right places to eat and drink, and since he travelled through Georgia by motorcycle for quite a while now, he can tell you all the impressive sights to see.